Why We Do Not Use Groupon Anymore at Conundrum Escape Adventures Dallas / Fort Worth / Euless / Bedford / Hurst


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Why  we not use groupon anymore

1) We are worth more than that.  

We put together unique, quality, premium escape adventures that challenge and entertain thousands of people a year.   We are confident in our game design and fun level, and know that you will have a blast.  Our price point reflects the value of our rooms. The marketing bonus that Groupon provided was nice, but ultimately not worth it. In fact, more people found us through Google and Facebook, then searched Groupon for us to use their deal, rather than the discount codes on our own website.  Basically we were paying Groupon to suck up our marketing money and pay us 1/4th of the revenue we could have had. 

In the end being on Groupon devalued our product. We don't like to compare apples and oranges, because that is what different escape room companies are like, but not all companies are created equal. Price points do reflect this. There are $20 experiences and there are $40 experiences. To put this to another metaphor,  you can have fun at the state fair, but it is not the same as going to Universal Studios or Disney World.  By being on Groupon, we feared that a message was being sent that we belong in a lower tier of escape experiences. As our ratings suggest, this just is not true. We offer premium escape adventures - we price higher because of this.  

We do not harbor ill will towards any escape room companies still using Groupon's platform, but we do ask them to love themselves, and to be proud of the product they give to people.  I am guessing their advertising money would also be better spent elsewhere, or just a price drop in general would be as effective as Groupon.   A lot of them may feel pressured to be on Groupon because their neighbors are on the platform, we just don't believe it is necessary.  

If you are considering buying a Groupon, call that small business and ask them to match it. I bet 90% of them will do so. 

2) We are always offering an internal discount, where you will probably save more in most circumstances.


Groupon kills businesses like Escape rooms

Depending on the deal that a business negotiates, Groupon takes around 50%.

Furthermore, Groupon at any time can change a business's deal and lower the amount of money a business in contract with them can make.

Groupon does not charge you tax, but then passes the full tax burden to the business (rather than paying its share from the revenue it made)

Groupon will refund purchases / or give credit (both taking away from the merchant) for any reason at all.  You can play an escape room and ask for your Groupon back afterwards, and they will refund you credit.  There is nothing a business can do about it, and they are out the money you paid and the time slot / staffing costs.  Whereas we have only had this happen twice, there are plenty of horror stories from other escape room owners about this.

Groupon does not allow you to control your deal page, so things like terms and conditions are hidden, your rooms are not displayed right, or the wording is just awful (because they outsource their writers to non-English native speaking countries).  The consumer tends to be angry with the merchant, when Groupon misrepresents the business or the deal. Which is understandable from where the customer is coming from, but not acceptable for the merchant. 

Bottom line, Groupon is terrible to the businesses they work with.

If you are considering buying a Groupon, call that small business and ask them to match it. I bet 90% of them will do so.