Escape Room Olympics - 2018

Join us for a month of escaping! Each time you play a room at Conundrum, your name will go into a drawing for a $300 gift certificate. 


Each Escape Room or "Event" has its own digital medal you will earn for escaping it!

Keep track of how well your team does with our medal count page! This will be updated weekly -- make sure you tell our staff your team name before leaving so that we can keep track! 


Between February 9th and March 11th the team with the top time for each of our five adventures will earn a free private room experience of our upcoming Sleepy Hollow room. 

The team with the most medals will win (or be put into a limited drawing to win) a private room experience for Sleepy Hollow.


8 winners  in all!

Random Drawing:

One individual will win the $300 gift certificate

One individual will win a $150 gift certificate.

Team with the most "medals" will win a free Sleepy Hollow Adventure. Ties are broken through a limited random drawing.

Five teams with the fastest escapes, one from Holiday Hijinks, one from Redemption, one from Double Agent, one from Storyteller, and one from Totally Awesome 80s Escape will win a free Sleepy Hollow Adventure. Ties are broken through flipping a coin. 



A team consists of members agreeing to be a team, at least two  members of that team must be present in every adventure played.  

Cash will not be substituted for prizes.

Additional prizes may be added at any time.