Private Events - Bedford



Escape rooms lend themselves well for private parties and team-building activities.  What better way to get your group thinking outside the box and working together than transporting them to another reality for an hour to achieve a common goal?   Your team or party will spend an hour  (or multiple hours) figuring their way through one of our immersive rooms.  They will use their observation and logic skills, along with honing their teamwork abilities in order to win. 

Our Bedford location has a spacious conference room and lobby area with wide hallways. Perfect for large parties or close-knit gatherings. Most packages include the rental of the conference room, but it can be rented separately without a game package for $50 an hour. 

At our Bedford location, we offer two options - whole facility rental and private group bookings for non public hours.

Our location is constantly growing, as we add new rooms. The final plan will include 5 one hour escape rooms, the conference room, and supplementary 30 minute and small 2 person rooms.  Because we are in constant state of growth, it is best to contact us about individual packages and availability, especially with large groups.  


To book a private event please call us at  (682) 292-8887

or email us directly at